I. the essence extractor:

   revisited (2013)
   electroencephalography (2012)
   take me to the place / studio work (2008-2011)

   fashion neglected: commercial works
   pressed & published
   personal (2004-...)
   theatre (2009)

II. busy bees:

   limited edition fine art prints
   prism photo magazine

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Karol Liver (b. 1981) is a Dublin-based studio photographer.

Having worked as theatrical photographer for The Grotowski Institute, famous polish theatrical institute, he had an unique opportunity to be a part of numerous international festivals, including the acclaimed Premio Europa Per il Teatro, spectacles and grand premiers from World’s top directors, such as Krystian Lupa, Rodrigo Garcia, Pippo Delbono and Pina Bausch.

Liver´s theatrical photographs have been widely published in various magazines and journals including the New York based The Drama Review and other theatre-themed journals in France, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. His personal studio work has also been appreciated, published and awarded prizes and commendations in commercial (Playboy’s Fotoerotica 2011) and independent contests (AGFA Geavert Throphy 2010).

In 2011 he has established prism Contemporary Photography Magazine.

His personal studio work explores the nature of human body, its sexuality and identity throughout conceptual portraiture and fine art nude. His main field of interest is body language and how it is used as a tool of expression and emotional release.

Liver is currently in close curatorial collaboration with MadArt Gallery Dublin, where he organises various photographic projects, including international exhibitions, workshops and editorial work on prism magazine.

He is represented by The Copper House Gallery Dublin alongside established names from Irish contemporary phtotographic scene.

photography | graphics related background:

 Currently represented by The Copper House Gallery, Dublin

 2011-12  Founder and Editor of prism Photography Magazine
 2011-12  Photography Tutor @ MadArt Studio Dublin - Complex Studio Photography Workshops
 2008-12  Freelance Photographer: collabotation with models & artist: portfolios, conceptual, promotion
 2009-10  Photographer's Assistant, Marketing Manager, D-Light Studios, Dublin
 2009  Photographer of The Grotowski Intitute during the XIII European Theatre Prize
 2009  Photographer and Journalist of GPunkt cultural web magazine
 2008-09  Advanced Darkroom & Studio Courses @ DCC (Dublin Camera Club)
 2004-07  Creator and Lead Designer of "ze?t online riddle"

solo exhibitions:

 2011/11 negative exposure, The Back Loft (La Catedral Studios), Dublin, Ireland - review in le cool Dublin
 2010/10/22-23 Hunting Cockroaches, D-Light Studios, Dublin, Ireland

selected group exhibitions:

 2012/12 The Copper House Gallery Group Show, TCHG, Dublin, Ireland
 2012/01 instant LOVE - International Polaroid Show, MadArt Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
 2011/07 Four Floors, @ Mad Art Studio, Dublin, Ireland
 2011/07 DCC 2011 photo exhibition, National Library, Dublin, Ireland
 2011/01/20-02/05 Exposure, @ Mad Art Studio, Dublin, Ireland
 2010/08/08-09/05 International Exhibition of Photography, The PEC, Edinburgh, Scotland
 2010/06 DCC 2010 photo exhibition, National Library, Dublin, Ireland
 2010/01/07-10 Center for Creative Practices, Art gallery, Dublin, Ireland
 2004/06 Galeria Bezdomna, Browar Mieszczanski, Wroclaw, Poland

awards | distinctions | commendations:

 2012/11 Best Online Magazine finalist awarded for prism magazine
 2012/01 PLAYBOY fotoerotica 2011 commendation awarded followed by publication in the magazine
 2010/06 AGFA Gevaert Trophy for the Best Monochrome Print in Portraiture/Figure Study
 2010/06 DCC annual distinctions: bronze in people (colour), gold in mono portraiture

curatorial & editorial experience:

 2012/07 f/22 / photoireland 2012, Dublin, Ireland - Coordinator, Curator
 2012/01 instant LOVE international POLAROID show, Dublin, Ireland - Coordinator, Curator
 2011/07 four floors / photoireland 2011, Dublin, Ireland - Coordinator, Curator
 2011/01 exposure photography exhibition, Dublin, Ireland - Curator
 2010/07 homeless gallery photography exhibition, Dublin, Ireland - Art Director and Main Coordinator
 2009/09 STARGAZE* art festival, Dublin, Ireland - Marketing Manager